Lydd Mini League Round 1

Racing action gets underway this weekend at Belgar Farm in the first round of the three-round mini league, the team’s are as follows;

The Reds
1. Mike Osborne (B) (Capt)
2. Chris Pullen (C)
3. David Chiles (C)
4. Keith Cornell (D)
5. Martin Tappenden (D)
6. Charlie Wood (u15)

The Blues
1. James Laker (B)
2. Derrick Keyes (C)
3. Steve Cook (C) (Capt)
4. Simon Bevan (D)
5. Rob Lambert (D)
6. Will Cairns (u15)

The Whites
1. Graham Knowler (B) (Capt)
2. Chris Shallcross (C)
3. Jordan Bull (C)
4. Mark Anderson (D)
5. Keith Hill (D)
6. Jamie Etherington (u15)

The Yellows
1. Will Little (B) (Capt)
2. Lali Csatari (C)
3. James Clement (C)
4. John Preston (D)
5. Steve Eldridge (D)
6. Harry Cunningham (u15)

The format for racing has been sent to all the riders although some changes have been made so the same riders are not out after grading every round.

Team meetings: 2.50pm
Racing Starts: 3.30pm


  • April 23, 2019
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